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Virtual AdBoards & Investigator Meetings

Now you can encourage dialogue and capture valuable insights without the usual overheads of travel, venue and diary planning that comes with traditional in-person AdBoards and meetings.

Our established web platform replaces what would have otherwise been a physical AdBoard with participants from all parts of Australia and around the world. It gathers expert insights and discussion by capturing their response to specific questions, group discussion points and individual conversations.

Cost efficient Fast to develop and go live Flexible to participants’ needs Secure and everlasting data capture
AdBoard landing page
Virtual Advisory Boards by Avion Medical

We can do it all

Avion Medical can coordinate Advisory Boards and Investigator Meetings, including:

  • Sourcing the most appropriate HCPs / KOLs

  • Coordinate contracts & payment on your behalf

  • Secure Registration / Login to online platform

  • Modules presented as slideshow, video, static content

  • Interactive activities for participants to engage

  • Documents available for download by participants

  • In-depth feedback provides valuable insights

  • Discussion board & Chat functionality

  • Admin access via desktop or phone app

  • Export reports (available as .CSV or .XLS)



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