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Avion Medical advisory services offers a specialist extension to your in-house medical team and the specific capabilities to develop, run and report on clinical research.

Our team are experts in BioStats, Consulting and Medical Writing.

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  • Experts in trial design for efficient & effective outcomes

  • In trial advice for best resource utilisation

  • Guidance to achieve commercialisation & ROI

  • Navigators of regulatory approval process and protocols

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  • Specialist Biostats capability

  • Delivers efficient data analysis & insight

  • Matched to regulatory protocols to support submissions

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Medical Writing

  • Specialist Biostats capability

  • Delivers efficient data analysis & insight

  • Matched to regulatory protocols to support submissions


Start early. Get it right the first time with the best strategists and problem-solvers in clinical development.
Avion has helped pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices firms solve the unique and complex challenges they face throughout the clinical development process. We’ve guided clients through the planning, conduct, analysis, and reporting of hundreds of clinical trials across a vast variety of therapeutic areas. Our expert regulatory, clinical, medical and statistical consultants provide high-level strategic consulting services from planning through to regulatory approval.


Avion Medical has the expertise to help medical researchers to draw conclusions about populations or scientific truths from data using a practical approach that gets things done.

Avion Medical can help with the design, analysis and interpretation of Clinical studies

With clients all over Australia and global, we have helped Health Care Practitioners and Researchers analyse and publish studies. We tailor our solutions to whatever stage your project may be at.

  • Design stage

Study methodology and design (Retrospective Studies and Randomised Clinical trials) Optimal sample size calculations and power analysis Random allocation of respondents to groups

  • ​Data collection stage

Programming and launch of online surveys Programming of surveys and off-line data collection forms for iOS and Android devices


  • Analysis Stage

Comparison of groups using parametric or non-parametric tests Survival analysis and life tables including Kaplan-Meier and log rank tests Cox regression (multivariate survival analysis) Receiver Operating Curve analysis (ROC) Many other types of statistical analyses including logistic regression, ANOVA, etc.

  • Report Submission stage

Review statistical reporting of results before submission Additional statistical analysis or fine tuning of existing analyses based on reviewer feedback

Medical Writing

Utilise our 20+ years experience in effective medical Writing

Trial communication across jurisdictions and regulatory environments

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Technology that's AHEAD OF ITS TIME

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