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Clinical Trials Apps – Topical Carica Papaya Ointment

The Patient Reported Outcome App for wound healing was designed and developed for an important dermatology study. Without this remote reporting app, such a study may not have been possible.

Hand holding patient app by Avion Medical
Clinical Trial Apps by Avion Medical - LPR

In the absence of the Avion ePRO App, the subjects would need to travel and attend the physical site every day so that their wound healing can be monitored. They would also need to fill out paper diaries, meaning double data entry. These issues were eliminated by using the Avion Medical ePRO App for use in this clinical trial.

Photos of treated and untreated areas of skin
Avion Medical patient reported outcomes with photo capability

Subjects were asked to record via the ePRO App:

  • Photos of treated and untreated areas of skin

  • Itch score (1-5 visual scale)

  • Tolerability

This information was recorded daily so that recovery of the wound could be reviewed each day by the trial site.

The data from the App, feeds directly into the eCRF, allowing the study team at the site to view the photos and updates in real time, and allocate wound healing scores as the primary endpoint of the study.

Itch score (1-5 visual scale)
Avion Medical Itch score (1-5 visual scale) for LPR



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