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AviData Clinical Cloud

AviData Clinical Cloud offers a secure hosting environment, streamlined customisation and deployment for your Clinical Trials and Registries.


Our proprietary technology for data collection and data management leads the industry for data integrity and development efficiency.​

  • AviData is the industry’s only platform that enables seamless integration between patient inputs, imaging, lab data, eCRF and reporting.

  • AviData eliminates the complex, manual processes and delivers higher quality data – therefore optimised study build time, query volume, data correction rates, and reporting turnaround time.

AviData reduces time, improves quality, and saves money.
Avion Medical AviData 66% improvement

Reduced study build time

Avion Medical AviData 90% improvement

Faster mid-study changes if required

Avion Medical AviData 100% improvement

No double data entry required

Avion Medical AviData 50% improvement

Faster database lock time

Avion Medical AviData 70% improvement

Fewer data corrections needed

Avion Medical AviData 66% improvement

Reduced CRA time spent monitoring and querying

Avion Medical AviData 34% improvement

Faster data reporting for CSR

Avion Medical AviData 35% improvementata 16x16 -35.png

Less missing data

Avion Medical AviData 66% improvement

Less database cleaning at end of study

“Nurse data entry time was significantly reduced”

Clinical Trial Lead